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"It's 420 you know what THAT means"

Real love is always chaotic. You lose control; you lose perspective. You lose the ability to protect yourself. The greater the love, the greater the chaos. It’s a given and that’s the secret.
—Jonathan Carroll (via sasodie)
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how far are you up to kisame

None of your business. his shoulder. barely.

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Are there any blogs you recommend following? I'm new to the RP community and I need people to follow!



        —-these are just the ones i can think of off the top of my head, so there will be some people i’ll end up missing adfghjkl

team kakashi:

naruto - theorangexhokage / orangesage / naru-uzumaki / ventusequiti / junsui-shinzou / orangesavior / noctekyuubi / rasengan-s

menma - kuro-kyuubi / tenebrous-fury

sasuke - bakasuke-prince / uchihasauce / suckonmytomato / avengeroftheuchihaclan / thelonelyuchiha / bondofhatred / teme-kun / sauce-kun

rtn!sasuke - hotsaucekay

sakura - strawberrysakura / pinkxbrute / floreusbellator / the-legendary-forehead / ethereal-sakura / cherrykunoichi / sakubae / brewskie-babe / smallcherryblossomofkonoha

kakashi - masukunin / little-scarecrow / fractumnexus / oneofunbendingwill

yamato - greatharmony

sai - codexinanis / artiificem / artisai / musunderaion

team asuma:

ino - murasakiirohana / platinumcosmos / candid-love / amai—viola / indigocosmos / thefloweringboar / hanakuri / mindwalkerninja

shikamaru - zatsunen-ya-yume / elaphus / kirakuna-kage

chouji - secondbutterfly

asuma - asumas-gaiden

team kurenai:

hinata - hinxta / hinabae / ihyuga / hinata-hime-love

rtn!hinata: menmashinata

kiba - dogboyinuzuka / bigdoginuzuka

shino - shinosays

kurenai - crimson-illusionist

team gai:

lee - fuzzybrowss / dancingleafofkonoha


tenten - kunaihime / heavenlyten

neji - xhyuganeji / aaequus

gai - eternally-youth

        —these are just blogs for the teams sashdhfalfgwlehg i’d do all of the characters but that would take me forever. this took me two hours already i’m not spending any more time on it. here u go babe, these are some great blogs you should follow!!


jibaku-bunshin and spiritwithinthesand are the reason i rp. i’ve found life-long friends and amazing rp partners in them.

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  • Favorite Color/s: White, Black, Gray, Navy Blue 
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excuse me, i think you need an adult to go on this ride


excuse me but i think you need my permission to breath



i love these two a lot om g


I dO n’t actuall y knoW ??

i like how they still have the same dominant drawing hand though ! and they even referenced the wall. but that would’ve made his hand the wrong color ?


akasuna-artist replied to your post: ye but for real how many of you have s…

have you seen the 2nd onee ??

n O ???

i love these two a lot om g



    Watching Sasori fall, he couldn’t help but laugh harder. Lifting himself up by his arms, the blond made way over toward the other though still on his knees. The frozen ice below him sank into the fibers of his clothing and gloves, he could feel fingers slowly numbing from the cold —but didn’t care one bit. Finally next to Sasori, he fell beside him still laughing “No, you’re just stupid. Hm.” 

    Moving quickly onto the next thought, he jolted a finger toward the stars excitedly, “Oh —LOOK! A shooting star, make a wish yeah.” Moments like these were fleeting, his favorite. 

    The blond’s amusement only elicited a roll of the eyes. Maneuvering his slender frame closer to his boyfriend, he then proceeded to sprawl out on the ice. The strings of his jacket lightly clinked against the frozen pond as he leaned back. The transient ball of light hardly managed to catch his attention as it skidded across the night sky.

    “I don’t need the assistance of some silly star to make my wishes come true,” he remarked, snidely. Chestnut hues glanced beside him in order to steal a quick look at the excitement shone on his partner’s face.  ”I can make my wishes come true with my own power,” he muttered softly, closing his eyes daintily.